Nepalese workers are simple minded, laborious, extremely loyal to their employers, having a high sense of responsibility and discipline. At present more than a million workers are providing their loyal services around the world and especially in the Gulf. 

Having worked in a 5 Star Hotels in Gulf for over 10 years, Marketing Director has in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the hospitality Industry in the Gulf and therefore can source out and screen the right candidates for our valued clients.

Recruitment Permission

One receipt of all the required documents and after routine verification, the department of will grant permission to proceed with the recruitment after being satisfied with the credibility of the demand and confirm that the terms and conditions offered are in conformity with the government regulations.

Selection of candidates

We use two interview techniques for the selection of short-listed candidates.

Direct (by Employer): Many employers visit Nepal for final interview. We make all necessary preparations for interview. We call short listed candidates for the particular day.
On behalf of employer: Sometimes manpower importing agencies give full authority to manpower consultant for entire selection procedures. In such case, we carry out interviews on behalf of employers abroad and make all dispatching arrangements to the employment destination.
The discipline level of each and every worker is tested so as to avoid possible risks from the workers abroad. We examine the workers' morality, attitude, behavior and personal history. Team of our experts including a psychiatrist carries out these tests. Candidates have to go through medical tests after final selection. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to sign an agreement or contract paper. 
We encourage the unskilled persons, who are really interested with us to be professional in the future.
“We belive in the values of honesty and mutual trust”